Summer Road Trip Comes to Flora Bora

June 22nd, 2011

accommodations emma lake Sk

We just had the pleasure of  having Becky Poley-Schutz and little Rocco of Tourism Saskatchewan come visit us!

Becky was so much fun, we paddled, hiked, biked and picnicked today.



Heading out for a paddle with Becky Poley-Schutz.



Becky Poley-Schutz canoeing on Tuddle's Lake.



The lovely couple!



Flora Bora's nature trail.









Sunnyside Beach Emma Lake.



Biking to the Beach.



Relaxing and having a picnic at Emma Lake.




More on Becky’s time at Flora Bora



Grand Opening

June 13th, 2011

A big thank you to all who came out to our Grand Opening…you made the day so special.

Rides on the golf cart.

Betty Yurt.

Grand Opening Forest Party!

May 29th, 2011

Flora Bora is NOW open!

Accommodations at Christopher Lake Saskatchewan

Please come celebrate the opening of Flora Bora Forest Lodging and meet your local yurts…Betty and Yeti!

When: June 11, 2011

When: 1:00 pm to 5:00pm.

There will be food and drinks to partake in, if possible please RSVP so we can better plan the food and drinks…thank you.

The Wonderful WWOOFers from France

May 10th, 2011

Flora Bora is a host family for the international organization called Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF). The WWOOF organization links up volunteers with organic growers in exchange for accommodation, food and the opportunity to learn more about rural way of life.

For the past few weeks we were lucky to have two wonderful WWOOFers from France. It was great sharing and living together. We learned a lot from them, and it made us a bit nostalgic to our traveling days and we were sad to say good bye.

They arrived to snow and ice and left with the arrival of spring.

Francois's favorite chair- one week before the ice came off.

Photo courtesy of Marie Colin

Francois took a liking to chopping wood, he was a regular lumberjack.
Cruizing Emma Lake.
Relaxing in the woods after a days work.
Marie and Francois made this beautiful trellis for my garden plants to climb…thank you I love it!

During their stay we visited Prince Albert National Park where we hiked three trails, saw an elk grazing by the Waskesiu River and that evening the Aurora Borealis made a showing… shortly after they voiced how nice it would be to see the northern lights during their stay.

Marie heading to the ‘eye of the bog’.

Waskesiu Lake- Early Spring
Elk by Waskesiu River – photo courtesy of Marie Colin


On a rainy day we painted trail signs



For Marie and Francois’s last night we melded our two cultures with crepes and hot tubbing!!

They taught us how to make Crepes…yah I love them!!!
Hot Tubbing + Crepes =Magic


Tous les meilleurs sur votre nouvelle aventure François et Marie … nous espérons que nos chemins se croisent à nouveau un jour!


The Interior Lovins’

March 29th, 2011

Here are some of the handmade, reclaimed, and/or repurposed items that went into the making of the Yeti’s interior.

Justin built this Swedish bed and coffee table. The wood for the coffee table came from old crates. The wall hanging may not be from central Asia but it is handmade and it is special to us as a dear and one of my oldest friends brought it back for me from India.

We were lucky enough to find this school house light at the Habitat for Humanity store. The live edge shelves are special to me as I got them from a local saw mill that is owned by a wonderful man and one of my first soccer coaches who I’ll be for ever grateful to for teaching me the game of soccer that I’m still in love with and playing to this day. The antique pedestal table with pressed back chairs I got in an auction at the Salvation Army, that I admit my emotions got the better of me and my competitive side took over.

My mom and I sewed this shower curtain with Skinny laMinx screen-printed fabric which is called ‘Herds’ and my little nod to the nomad culture and their herds. The towel ladder is made from Tamarack trees that we salvaged from a farmer who had logged a portion of their land but these poles were too small for their end purposes. It was great for us as the wood helped heat our house one winter and we’ve used it in many a project around here.  Justin made the mirror frame and shelf  both were also made from reclaimed wood. Although not visible the vanity light we also got from the Habitat for Humanity store which we rewired and spray painted.

Looking into the bathroom.

Stay tune for upcoming pictures of the Betty’s interior…

We like the things that winter brings.

January 27th, 2011

It has been a great winter so far; we’ve had lots of snow, making the cross-country skiers and snowmobilers very happy. There’s also been unusual amounts of hoar frost on the trees this year, making it feel like a real winter wonderland. With a change in  season came a bunch of new activities and new wildlife viewing. Our little lake said good-bye to the ducks and geese as it welcomed the commuting deers, coyotes and foxes.  It’s been a real treat watching how excited the girls get when they spot a group of deer sauntering past or a fox pouncing on the snow surface and all from our living room window. This is the first winter Ila has gotten into identifying animal tracks, so that has been fun.

We’ve also been getting outside any opportunity we get… if we don’t we all get a little nutty.  I do believe, to a point, there is no such thing as bad weather its just a case of not being dressed properly. I admit I kind of like it when temperatures dip low as there’s a certain amount of  excitement involved with the idea of hunkering down/survival mode, and  you get that fire going and your house becomes extra cozy.

Eating snow.

Serious about snowman building.

Sledding around.


Helping clear rink.


Learning to skate.

One of the trails.

A young buck keeping an eye on us.

Hiking with the little ladies.

Justin turned another year older this past month so we had a little gathering with friends. Great group of people combined with some winter time activities made for a very fun time.

Birthday boy's perfect day.

Canada's past time.

Johnny was kind enough to try and put on a kite boarding demonstration for all of us.

Thanks to all who attended Justin’s Birthday.

Blue tarps and rain

October 4th, 2010

OK, here is an update of what’s been going on at Flora Bora. We tried our darnest to have every thing complete by now but we are still under construction, a combination of to much rain and a learning curve, has taken its toll on our time lines. Looking back at our mammoth to do lists set earlier in the season I am pleased with all the pink checks we now have. Both yurts are up and we couldn’t be happier with these beautiful structures!

Here are a few pictures of the summer.

Things are happening...

Working in the rain and our dear friend "Big Blue Tarp"

Another photo of the "Big Blue Tarp".

Our resident loons return.

Justin and Scott framing the yurt.

Showy little beauties.

Great summer for the raspberries.

Taking the little lady for a spin.

We love how the decks turned out.

Our latest fun!

Hello Hello!! Welcome to Flora Bora’s first blog

April 1st, 2010

Every day for the last eight years we have been dreaming about Flora Bora.  Although dreaming is delightful, the impatience of not being able to live your dreams now, can be frustrating at times. Now in hindsight I do see everything does have a season and the things that made us feel like we were spinning our wheels were in fact very positive and rich learning experiences. So needless to say it is a wonderful feeling to be finally taking the plunge and to be working on our little forest lodging. We are excited to be able to share our love of nature, this area, healthy living, growing food and our attempt to be more self-reliant.

So we hope you check back soon and get the latest updates on what’s shaking at our “forest farm”.