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Hello…I hope your day is moving along splendidly.  I just came across this great website called Give Tree Gifts, which I am so pleased to share with you. This Saskatchewan business offers a whole range of green gift ideas, but what strikes a cord with me is the tree seedling gifts. There are so many special occasions that would benefit from such a thoughtful gift, from party favors to Earth-day celebrations. The one I fancy, is the use of tree seedlings as wedding favors for couples wanting a more eco-friendly day…I love it! Such a beautiful way to start their lives together. Their wedding favors don’t just end up in the garbage but they provide benefit to the earth and all the people who encounter it for years to come.

” As you grow and build your lives together, so the tree grows. Each tree ring represents another year of growth and strength, not unlike your wedding rings. They symbolize love and eternity and are an outward sign of an inward and spiritual bond.”

Couples are also able to have a carbon neutral wedding done in partnership with The Carbon Farmer. So neat I wish I’d heard of this when I got married!

Green Wedding Favours

Seedling gifts

Give Tree Gifts also sells some great resource books for couples planning a green wedding.

The Green Bride Guide

The Green Bride Guide


The Everything Green Wedding Book


Please check out the story behind Give Tree Gifts and how it started with a memorial to her father, it’s beautiful.


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