Hello Hello!! Welcome to Flora Bora’s first blog

Every day for the last eight years we have been dreaming about Flora Bora.  Although dreaming is delightful, the impatience of not being able to live your dreams now, can be frustrating at times. Now in hindsight I do see everything does have a season and the things that made us feel like we were spinning our wheels were in fact very positive and rich learning experiences. So needless to say it is a wonderful feeling to be finally taking the plunge and to be working on our little forest lodging. We are excited to be able to share our love of nature, this area, healthy living, growing food and our attempt to be more self-reliant.

So we hope you check back soon and get the latest updates on what’s shaking at our “forest farm”.

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  1. Dianne Buchanan says:

    This website is fantastic!! The pictures and write-ups are beautiful. A lot of thought and inspiration went into this.


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