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We like the things that winter brings.

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

It has been a great winter so far; we’ve had lots of snow, making the cross-country skiers and snowmobilers very happy. There’s also been unusual amounts of hoar frost on the trees this year, making it feel like a real winter wonderland. With a change in  season came a bunch of new activities and new wildlife viewing. Our little lake said good-bye to the ducks and geese as it welcomed the commuting deers, coyotes and foxes.  It’s been a real treat watching how excited the girls get when they spot a group of deer sauntering past or a fox pouncing on the snow surface and all from our living room window. This is the first winter Ila has gotten into identifying animal tracks, so that has been fun.

We’ve also been getting outside any opportunity we get… if we don’t we all get a little nutty.  I do believe, to a point, there is no such thing as bad weather its just a case of not being dressed properly. I admit I kind of like it when temperatures dip low as there’s a certain amount of  excitement involved with the idea of hunkering down/survival mode, and  you get that fire going and your house becomes extra cozy.

Eating snow.

Serious about snowman building.

Sledding around.


Helping clear rink.


Learning to skate.

One of the trails.

A young buck keeping an eye on us.

Hiking with the little ladies.

Justin turned another year older this past month so we had a little gathering with friends. Great group of people combined with some winter time activities made for a very fun time.

Birthday boy's perfect day.

Canada's past time.

Johnny was kind enough to try and put on a kite boarding demonstration for all of us.

Thanks to all who attended Justin’s Birthday.